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Let life be more reliable - An Siriusmed ventilator application in hospital

As for ICU critical care ventilator, stable was considered to be the most important performance. Siriusmed, a new brand, is getting more and more trust from the customer who has those reliable ventilator installed all over the world. But things never go so easily. Sometimes it happens in following step. 

Is that a trustful and stable ventilator, we never use such a ventilator that made from China, all we used here is the trustful brand from Europe or US. Voice from the head doctor of ICU section in one hospital in Southeast Asia country, it is the first classical doubt about a new ventilator. Siriusmed spend a whole day to introduce the machine features and all the performance, Siriusmed QC procedure, then keep testing the machine with special setting, and finally all the doctor and nurse familiar with the operation, they like the friendly user interface and stable performance in such special testing. They decide to ventilate the patient by Siriusmed ventilator. The first patient is a infant patient, who is a 3.8kg and brain cancer patient. Setting on PCV, freq 40, inspiratory pressure 15 cmH2O, PEEP 5. Ventilator controlled a perfect inspiratory pressure, and delivered all the parameters as setting value. The ventilation keep ventilate the patient for 4 days, until the patient transfer to another section. All the nurses and doctors are satisfied with the ventilator performance. 

That is the way we make our customer trust us, by the reliable machine, and thoughtful service. Per Siriusmed mission.Address every user’s needs, let life be more reliable. Siriusmed is always trying to provide the reliable Product to all their customer, become a solid and trustful Brand in the world.


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