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 8”TFT color display with touch screen

 Application: Pediatric and adults

 Tidal Volume setting 50~1500mL (Optional 20~1500mL)

 Ventilation modes: VCV, PCV,SIMV-VC, Manual, Standby

Optional: SIMV-PC, PSV

 User friendly interface, displayPAW-T,FLOW-T Waveform

 Built-in active expiratory PEEP valve,built-in battery

 Easily removable and sterilizable flow sensor module




l  Pressure values: Ppeak,Pplat, Pmean,Pmin, PEEP

l  Volume/Flow values: Vti, Vte, MV, MVspont

l  ftotal, fspn, I:E, Rinsp, Cdyn

l  Optional: FiO2, SpOEtCO2

l  Optional Loops: Pressure - Volume, Volume - Flow


MV, Paw, Vte, Rate,FiO2, Mains failure, Battery low, Battery discharged,

O2 supply failure, Apnea,Circuit occlusion