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Anesthesia Machine



  Suitable for Neonate, pediatric and adults

 Tidal Volume setting 50~1500mL

 (Optional: 20~1500ml)

  User friendly interface:

10.4”TFT touch screen for easy review and simple operation

  Sufficient ventilationmodes:

 VCV, PCV, PSV, SIMV-VC, Manual Standby


  Gas supply:O2, N2O,Air

 6 tubes Flowmeter:  0.051L/min, 1.110,12,15L/min(20)

  Optional: Auxiliary flowmeter with oxygen port

  Pneumatic system: Hypoxic guard system, ORC, O2 flush

  Vaporizer mount: Selectatec bar support 2 vaporizers

  Good integration:

 Built-in active expiratory PEEP valve, built-in battery

  Lung mechanics parameters and loops (P-V, V-F)

   Integrated absorber system, with heating function,

 bypassdesign,easy assembling, less leakage, autoclavable

   24 hours trend

   Optional: ACGO, 2 Yokes (O2&N2O), AGSS, Suction





   l  Pressure values: Ppeak,Pmean,Pmin, Pplat, PEEP

   l  Volume/Flow values: Vti, Vte, MV, MVspn

   l  Loops: Pressure - Volume, Volume - Flow 

   l  FiO2, f, fspn, I:E, Cdyn

   l  Waveforms; Paw, Flow, Volume,Pleth

   l  Optional:EtCO2,FiO2, SPO2, AA


           MV, Paw,Continuous  Paw high, Vte, Rate,FiO2,Mains failure,
           Battery low,Battery discharged,Gas Supply failure, O2 supply


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