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  Application: Neonate, pediatric and adult

 12.1”TFT touch screen

 Ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC + PSV, SIMV-PC + PSV,

SPONT/CPAP + PSV, DuoPhasic/APRV + PSV, Backup, Standby
Optional: PRVC

  Lung mechanics parameters and loops

 Inspiratory hold with static compliance measurement

 Expiratory hold with PEEPi measurement

 O2 suction with adjustable FiO2

 Easily removable and sterilizableflow sensor &exhalation valve module

  Built-in: Active expiratory PEEP valve, O2 & Air mixture device, Synchronized nebulizer,Battery

  Up to 72 hourstrend table and chart

  Self test on start-up

  Automatic compliance & leakage compensation for circuit and ET tube. 

Parameters Setting 

l  Tidal volume: 20-2500ml

l  Respiratory frequency:1-120bpm

l  Inspiration time:   0.1-12s

l  Inspiratory pause ratio:0~50%

l  FiO2:21%~100%

l  PEEP/CPAP:0-50 cmH2O

l  Psupp, Pinsp,Psense,Fsense,Phigh,Plow,Thigh




l  Pressure values: Ppeak,Pplat, Pmean,Pmin, PEEP

l  Volume/Flow values: Vti,Vte, MV, MVspont

l  ftotal, fspn, RSBI, Rinsp, Cstatic, Cdyn, FiO2

l  Loops: Pressure - Volume, Volume - Flow 

l  Optional: EtCO2, SPO2


MV, Paw ,Vte, Rate,FiO2, Mains failure, Battery, Air supply failure, O2 supply failure, Apnea,Circuit occlusion,EtCO2


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