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Anesthesia Machine



    Applicable for infant, child and adult, simplified patient type selection and parameter setting

    12.1” high resolution TFT touch screen, user friendly design, multiple patient monitoring configuration meet all kinds of clinical requirement

    Configure with startup pre-use test, patient circuit leakage and compliance test

    Electrical control gas mixer, backup fresh gas delivery system for safety Configurable fresh gas flow and O2 concentration

    Driving gas switching system for O2 and Air

    Interlock two vaporizer mounting system

    Backup yoke gas supply with pressure gauge monitoring

    Auxiliary O2 supply system with flowmeter

    Built in vacuum system (Optional) for multiple clinical purpose

    Modularized absorber cycle design, built in heating system, bypass deign with smart detection for a safety soda line replacement during operation

    Configured with VCV, PCV, SIMV, SPONT and PRVC, mutilpleopertion applicable

    Up to 24 hours patient monitoring trend and table for a professional clinical assistant

    Built-in SpO2, EtCO2 and Fi/Et anesthesia gas monitoring module for an organization operation environment

    Convenience maintenance,simplified calibration and upgrade procedure

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